The IoT Security Challenge
System Security I
Cryptography/System Security II
Software Side-Channels
Hardware Side-Channels
Ivana Tomic

Security of wireless sensor networks

Manuel Rigger

Memory-Safe Execution of Low-Level Languages with Safe Sulong

Itzel Vazquez
Formal verification of Security Protocols’ implementations
Alexandre Adomnicai

Secure implementation and integration of lightweight cryptography for the IoT

Lars Tebelmann

EM Attack on BCH-based Error Correction for PUFs

Eyal Ronen

IoT Goes Nuclear: Creating a ZigBee Chain Reaction

Rohith Yanambaka Venkata

CLIPS:Customized levels of IoT Security and Privacy

Lukáš Němec

Fading channel as a shared source of randomness

Pablo Cañones

Security Analysis of Cache Replacement policies

Giovanni Camurati

Security close to the hardware

Filip Holík

Using SDN to enhance IoT security

Dorottya Pap

Detecting Trigger-Based Behavior

Omer Shwartz

Shattered Trust: When Replacement Smartphone Components Attack

Andreas Zankl

Microarchitectural Attacks – An Evaluator’s Perspective

Subhan Ullah

Smart Cameras with Onboard Signcryption for Securing IoT Applications

Emekcan Aras

Introduction to LPWAN and Exploring Security Vulnerabilities for LoRa

András Gazdag

Efficent Lossless Compression of CAN Traic Logs

Samuel Weiser

SGXIO: Generic Trusted I/O Path for Intel SGX

Md Habibur Rahman

Decentralized Secure Hazard Warning Dissemination Protocol in Car2X Applications

Timothy Claeys

Hardware-enforced Security for the IoT